Simple Back Exercises at Home Without Equipment

In this article we will be showing simple back exercises at home without equipment you can perform to avoid back pain. It is so important to exercise your back as it is a significant part of your body. It is not only one of the strongest body part but it is also the most complicated part. Back of a human body is a series of interconnected muscle groups. So it is not a waste of time to exercise these muscles. Proper exercises can keep the back muscles of our body supple and reduce any strain on the back. To make this happen you don’t need to seek for a gym. You can perform back exercises any time in your very own home.

Though there are plenty of back exercises at home for beginners, we cover only important and easy methods you can do. Few YouTube videos also mentioned here.

Main Back Exercises at Home for Beginners without Equipment

To sculpt a stronger back you need to know about the physiological structure of your back. To perform proper work out with your back, you should divide your back in two parts. Upper back and Lower back. Let’s discuss some of exercises for these two backs.

Upper Back Exercises

1) Darts

Lie on your stomach. Put your arms by your side. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and slowly lift your arms and chest off the ground. Keep your neck straight. Hold on this position for 10 seconds and then slowly return to the starting position. Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions provided it is pain free.  This is one of the must do back exercise at home as a beginner, very easy and simple without any equipment.

Best back exercises at home

2) Opposite Arm & Leg Raises

From a four-point stance on the floor draw your belly button into your spine. Clench your hip muscles. Simultaneously extend one arm and the opposite leg away from the body. Ensure you adopt thumbs up position for the arm and keep the extended leg straight at the knee. Don’t lift either knee higher than parallel to the body. Lower under control. Repeat opposite limbs.

Opposite Arm

Lower Back Exercises

Most of these back exercises at home for beginners can cure the back pain in long term. The beauty of these exercises is, it don’t require any equipment such as dumbbells or weights. You can do with a simple mat at home by seeing these youtube videos.

3) Plank on Knees

Take a deep breath inside. Position your elbows directly under your shoulders; draw your belly button in towards your spine. Raise your body up on your elbows and knees, until you reach a flat horizontal position. Hold on this position as long as you can manage. Come back to the starting position. Loose the breath. Repeat this for about 10 times in a round.

Plank on Knees back exercise


4) Sphinx

Lie on your stomach. Walk your hands a little forward. Bring your shoulders right up and over the elbows & press your hands down. Keep your hands parallel. The feet can be a few distance apart. Lift the belly, making space from public bone to navel. Move your right hand a little towards left. Grab your left toe by your left hand staying in this position. Push the toe a little towards the hip. Stay in this position for a while. Now release the toe and go back to the starting position. Now repeat this with right hand and right toe. Make a round of 10-15 of this. Sphinx exercise helps in getting relief from neck pain also. You can find more back exercises at home without equipment can be found here.



Working out these simple and best back exercises at home without equipment properly can strengthen the back and transform it to a good shape. Regular physical activity can improve your muscle strength. It can boost your endurance. Daily exercise and physical activity at home or gym deliver oxygen and nutrients to your body tissues and help your cardiovascular system work more efficiently.

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