High Intensity Workouts for Beginners at Home to Burn Fat

In the modern day-to-day world, the need to stay fit is immense. From the fascination of having a strong body to just wanting to stay healthy, people can work out on their own at home. This can be considered as a beginners guide to working out at home. Find out these high intensity workouts for beginners at home you can do easily. We have earlier published a guide about simple back exercises you can do without equipment.

There are many exercises that can be done at home without equipment for a proper workout session. Some of the most effective free hand exercises include running on the spot, Burpees, power squats and mountain climbing. But before you can start the workout session, you need to warm up properly. A decent warm up session can be only of a few minutes including slow jogging, walk over and a few stretches. The primary reasons behind doing this include pumping up the heart and ensuring that you don’t hurt yourself during the high intensity session.

High Intensity Workouts for BeginnersAfter the warm up is complete, you can now start with the high intensity session. This session includes no use of equipment. So you would not have to spend any money over this and also it leaves no room for excuses. Now, each of the four primary exercises in the high intensity session is conducted with 30 to 45 seconds rest in between them. And to have an effective session, a total of 4-5 sets need to be completed.

4 Basic High Intensity Workouts for Beginners at Home

1) Running on the Spot 

you have to start with running on the spot. This is basically running in a way such that each time you raise your legs, your knees reach as high as possible. You have to keep your back straight while doing it and you can sway your hands as well. You can also use a timer set at an interval of 30 seconds to know when to stop and rest and when to start again. running on the spot

2) Burpees

Then, you can start the Burpees. This exercise is basically putting your hands on the floor, kicking back your legs as far as possible and then standing up to raise your hands above your head. Do this for 30 seconds before you rest.

Burpees workout at home

These high intensity workouts to burn fat can be done by anyone at home without weights. These simple exercises for beginners will make your body including abs strong and fit. Also, some of the full body and cardio workouts suitable for juniors to seniors.

3) Power Squats

After that, you can move onto the power squats. Here, you have lunge your hands down and spread out your legs and then jump up narrow them down. Here, you have to ensure that your elbows touch your knees.

power squats High Intensity Workouts for Beginners

4) Mountain Climbing

Finally, you can end with the mountain climbing. Now, this exercise resembles the motion of a climber climbing a mountain. You have to put your hands on the ground and then push your legs up and down continuously. 30 seconds of this and finally your first set of the high intensity workout session is over. A few more of these sets will ensure a proper workout.

mountain climbing

High Intensity Workouts to Burn Fat

In case you need to get your body into shape by losing some extra pounds or burn fat, you can follow another set of specially developed high intense exercises. When it comes to losing weight, the prime concern for anyone has to be elevating the heart beat rate to near maximum and get those sweat glands pumping. This high intense workout session for losing weight includes a similar strategy where you do a specific exercise for 30 seconds, rest for another 5 seconds to start with the next exercise. 4-5 sets should be completed in almost 15 minutes to have a perfect session.

As an important note, when you follow these high intensity workout programs at home or gym, its very important to follow the training interval and follow the each steps properly.

A proper warm up is also necessary in this case as well. To ensure that the muscles are stretched and the joints are loosened up, you can start with jogging on the spot. Then, you can move onto side hops and toe touches. After that, a few squats are required for loosening up the hip joints. Finally, with a few leg stretches you should be pumped up enough to start the session.

In this workout session for fat reduction, you can primarily focus on four exercises. Make sure you have a timer on to know when to change from one exercise to another and a bottle of water nearby for when you  get exhausted.

The first exercise is jogging on the spot and throwing punches in the air. For this exercise to bear the desired result, it is a must to lift those knees up as high as possible and throw those punches as fast as possible. Do this for 30 seconds without stopping and then rest for a few seconds before you start with the next exercise. Make sure you don’t stop until you hear the timer.

The second exercise is basically a push up. Keep your back straight and go down all the way and then straight up. If you’re too tired after the first one or two sets then you can keep your knees down but don’t skip it. Push through the whole 30 seconds as fast as possible before you rest. You should be getting pretty heated up by now.

push up to burn fat

Start with the third exercise now, which is a combination of a power squat and a motion similar to shooting a basketball. First keep your legs apart and lunge down for a squat while touching the ground with your hands. Then, jump up and shoot that basketball. Repeat this for the entire 30 seconds. Take some rest and water if necessary.

Then finally move onto the last exercise which is the combination of a burpees and mountain climbing exercise. First, put your hands on the floor and push your legs up and down 4 times. Then, quickly stand up and raise your hands above your head. Then, go back down and repeat. 30 seconds of this and you should be burning and sweating at the end of the full session. Now, this whole session is primarily focused on burning fat. 4-5 sessions everyday will ensure fat is burned.

When it comes to exercising at home, everyone thinks whether it will be effective or not since it does not require a coach or instruments. But if you do these high intensity workouts for beginners at home properly and in the way they are stated, there is no possible way for them to be ineffective. Most of the exercises are without any equipment or weights. You can find few more exercises at YouTube as well.

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